Discover how we deliver!


Getting Started

We collect ideas, requirements, epic and user stories. Setting up the project management, timeline and milestones. We brainstorm to bring up a finish abstract product and begin to craft the needed deft team. A product backlog is initialized here.


Project Kickoff

At this stage we know the core of all the context, needs and user expectations, and we’re ready to launch our working strategy, campaign, design and development.


Product Development

This is the heart of our process. The team is working tirelessly to reform and shape the ideas. We follow the Scrum framework which includes: sprint planning, sprint execution, daily scrum loop, sprint review, delivery and retrospective.


Launch & Analytics

After successful completion of the product we launch and begin observing the analytics. Giving a transparent and numerical dataset to analyze the audience, issues and popularity.



We do provide a limited time period maintenance, review or rework in case of need for a specific period of time after deliverables.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. - Walt Disney