If you want to commit to the advancement of your professional career, it is important to be productive. The influx of app notifications, auto-play content, and pop-up windows are some digital distractions that can prevent you from focusing on your work-related tasks. Here are some productivity hacks to help you overcome distractions.

What Are Productivity Hacks? 

The term productivity hacks refers to the set of tools and techniques used to maximize an individual’s productivity level. These hacks can prove to be extremely useful for successful task completion, effective time management, and a greater level of motivation. The key to becoming more productive is consistency. 

If an individual is consistent in their efforts to be productive, there’s no stopping them from realizing success. 

Top Productivity Hacks 

For employers and HR managers, it’s important to understand the benefits of high productivity levels in a workforce. There is statistical evidence that indicates that engaged employees are far more productive and can contribute to a 21% increase in profits for businesses. 

If you’re on the lookout for hacks to boost your productivity, consider some of these top-rated ones.

Limit Screen-Time  

Digital distractions can take the form of email notifications, social media updates, and trending news alerts. This is why it is essential for employees to limit screen time on their devices to maximize their productivity level. There are apps designed to help users overcome the excessive scrolling syndrome.

Freedom is an example of such an app. If you spend the majority of your time on socials, you’re likely to end up unmotivated when you return to your work-related tasks. There are also other ways to limit digital distractions. By mentally disciplining yourself to focus on task completion during working hours, you can improve your productivity level by a mile. 

Automate Tasks  

With task automation software, you can contribute to a greater level of productivity at work. To avoid time-draining manual tasks, it is important to opt for automation software so that you can direct your time and effort towards tasks that require your attention. 

An example of task automation is email scheduling. There are software tools that enable digital marketers to send emails to recipients in a time-efficient manner. Mailchimp is an excellent example of such a tool.  

Set Realistic Goals 

Most productivity-boosting strategies don’t end up working because individuals set unrealistic goals for themselves. In an attempt to overcome the hard-hitting effects of procrastination, many individuals end up with unattainable goals. 

The practice of goal-setting can help you plan out your objectives and accomplish them successfully in a realistic way. For example, to improve one’s writing speed, one can increase the number of words written per hour by 30%. This is a realistic goal for those who are just starting out their journey to become more productive.  

Meet Deadlines 

If you want to become more productive, you must meet deadlines. With the help of simple reminders on your devices, you can ensure the timely completion of your work. If you push a deadline forward, it will interfere with other tasks and leave you with an overwhelming amount of work.

This can dissuade you from finishing tasks. It is absolutely essential that you meet any deadlines you have set for yourself; this can contribute to better time management. 

Limit Distractions  

Apart from digital distractions, there can be other sources of distraction. For example, if there’s traffic noise coming from outside. In 2023, there’s an innovative solution to just about any problem. The use of white noise machines can be of great help to employees for blocking noise from outside. 

It is essential to have a working environment, free from any sort of distractions. This can contribute to a greater level of focus and subsequently, higher productivity.  

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Top 8 Productivity-Boosting Tools 

To realize a high level of productivity, here are some tools that can help you accomplish your tasks. 


If you have pending tasks, try setting a time limit on the completion of the task. Toggl is a timer that can help you stay on track with your work-related or other tasks. This tool comes with incredible features like data analysis and time tracking. These features can be extremely useful in overcoming procrastination. 

With Toggl, there are project management features as well. You can effectively manage all tasks related to your project with the help of Toggl’s dashboard. To become more productive at work, you have to focus on management. This basic time management app can serve as the starting point for you. 

Microsoft OneNote 

If you’re on the search for a note-taking tool, try the Microsoft OneNote. This tool comes with a range of amazing features like page templates, sticky notes, and custom tags. With these, your efforts to successfully accomplish tasks can be made more effective. 

Microsoft OneNote enables users to make notes and store them in an effective manner. To improve management at work, try this super tool now. 


This management tool can help you and your team members to effectively collaborate on group projects. With the help of boards, lists and cards, task progress can be tracked and managed. This makes Trello an excellent choice for boosting team productivity.  

With Trello, users can make management far more effective. The display of content in an organized way can boost one’s motivation and lead to greater productivity. 

Google Calendar    

Google Calendar offers the perfect solution for employees to manage their time in an efficient manner. The Google Calendar provides a digital solution to individuals who are finding it difficult to plan out their schedules. With automatic reminders, meeting schedules and integrations, this tool can help you get on track with your goals. 

With appointment slots, you can manage your events and focus on your work in an improved way. The Google Calendar has become a staple tool for many companies. 


With Evernote, you can boost your productivity through note-making. This tool is not only limited to note making as it also has task management features. If you find it difficult to stay on track with your work-related tasks, here’s a technological solution for you. 

Evernote comes with a calendar, note templates and a document scanner to help you accomplish all your assigned tasks for the day or week. 


If there’s one screen-time limiting app you should install, it’s Freedom. With this, you can optimize your productivity by eliminating digital distractions. Whether you are distracted by a seasonal sale on a brand’s website or your socials are overwhelming you with updates, Freedom is the solution. 

With such a tool, you can ensure a high level of productivity. To accomplish professional or personal growth goals, this screen time limiting app should be your go-to. 


If your work involves creativity, you must be subject to creative block from time to time. To overcome this, you can use Jasper to generate new content ideas, proof-read your work and to create compelling captions. 

The popularity of Jasper can be attributed to the onset of ChatGPT. As the software market experiences a flood of AI tools, it is important for people to use tools like Jasper to improve their productivity. 


If you ever find yourself spending minutes, if not hours,  correcting grammatical errors in your content, try using Grammarly. This AI powered tool can help you direct your complete focus towards content creation. Instead of playing the role of an editor, use this tool to maximize productivity now.  

Grammarly comes with an incredible list of features. From plagiarism deduction to content editing, this superb tool does it all. If you’re searching for a way to save time that would otherwise be spent on improving the quality of your work. 

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Productivity in the Digital Age 

As tech tools continue to make the lives of people easier, the increasing reliance on digital devices presents a challenge to the new generation of employees. The convenience of devices like phones, tablets and laptops can prove to be a distraction for many users. 

In 2023, it will become necessary to use productivity hacks to make the most out of one’s time and efforts. What’s your go-to productivity hack? Share your insights in the comments below!

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