Introducing RetailED – 100% Native Mobile E-Commerce Solution! 


Crafted entirely from the ground up in Swift & Kotlin, it seamlessly integrates with your existing custom or Shopify-based e-commerce platform, ensuring a flawless shopping experience for your customers. 

Wave Farewell to Webviews

Numerous solutions transform websites into apps by embedding them in Webviews, but this sacrifices the native user experience. Your app deserves better for a seamless journey.

Smooth User Interface & Experience

Designed per Apple and Google Guidelines

Offline Support

Unmatched Superior Performance

Smooth App Store Approval

Device Hardware Access: Camera, AR/VR

RetailED App Demo

Vision X RetailED

Welcome to the exciting world of immersive e-commerce!
Launch your store to the metaverse with "Vision X RetailED." It offers a retail experience like never on any mobile platform.
Built for visionOS and fueled by RealityKit and ARKit, Vision X elevates the iOS experience to offer a truly mixed reality encounter.
You can enter a virtual store and interact with products in a way that mimics real-life shopping down to the finest details.
Stay tuned for the grand unveiling!
Apple Vision Pro - coming out early 2024

Three-Dimensional Experience

Using SwiftUI, RealityKit, and ARKit

Navigate Using Eyes, Voice & Hands

Spatial Experience

Immersive Retail Experience

Based on visionOS

RetailED Features

Products Listing

Product View

Product Reviews

Delivery & Pickup




Make Your Own Product


Local Catalog

Who is using Retailed?

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