You’re getting ready to welcome a bunch of excited new hires, and it’s not just about them showing up with their MacBooks and macchiatos. There’s a process to get them started, right? Start with an office mixer.

Making their start positive is a big deal! And guess what? Onboarding isn’t just for the workplace. With technology, we can easily connect online, so why not use these features to make the onboarding process better. Try these fun-filled office mixers for new hires.

If the term “Office Mixer” is New to You, Let’s Quickly Go Through What it Means

Office mixers are about having a good time and getting to know your team in a relaxed way. You can play social games like Desert Island or What am I?, or step out of the office for a sporting event or volunteer. These activities break the ice and help a new team bond. It’s like a mini-team-building event where everyone can have fun and connect with each other.

Hosting a successful office mixer for new hires can be a fantastic way to break the ice, foster connections, and boost overall morale. Here are some tips to host a smashing office mixer for new hires:

Pre-Event Office Mixer Ideas 

Here are some fun office mixer ideas. These will help you set the stage.

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Choose a Cool Theme

Make it fun and inclusive to set a laid-back vibe.

Pick the Right Time and Place

Opt for after-work hours or a chill spot to get more people to join.

Spread the Excitement

Use creative invites and company channels to get everyone pumped up.

Plan Icebreakers

Prepare activities to get people talking and mingling right from the beginning.

Tasty Food and Drinks

Make sure to have delicious options that cater to different tastes and diets to make everyone feel included.

During Event Tips and Ideas

Follow these tips to make your even memorable and fun.

Warm Welcome

Kick off with a friendly and inviting atmosphere to make everyone feel comfortable.

Introduce Everyone

Help new team members meet people from various departments for a broader connection.

Energetic Atmosphere

Keep the energy up with lively music, games, or activities to boost mingling and interaction.

Casual Chats

Break the ice by promoting informal conversations. Use conversation starters or lead group discussions.

Personal Touch

Encourage sharing personal interests and hobbies to build connections beyond work. It makes everything more personal and friendly.

Themed Decor

Set the mood with visually appealing decorations that match the chosen theme.

Name Tags

Simplify introductions and help with name recall by providing name tags.

Buddy System

Pair new hires with “buddies” who can guide and support them throughout the event.

Capture Moments

Take photos to create a sense of community and share the experience.

Thank-You Note

Express gratitude and encourage ongoing connections with a thank-you message.

Fun and Relaxation

Prioritize a comfortable environment for everyone to unwind and enjoy.


Ensure that everyone feels welcome and able to join, regardless of background or interests.

Genuine Connections

Facilitate interactions that go beyond work roles, helping employees build meaningful connections.

Feedback Loop

Ask for/ suggestions to improve future events, tailoring them to your company’s unique culture.

Spice Up Your Events With These Top Examples of Office Mixer for New Hires

Planning office mixers can be tough, but it’s important to make them fun and help people connect. 

Mix n Mingle 

One great idea is “Mix n’ Mingle,” a staff favorite. It’s a 90-minute session with a skilled host that includes team challenges, icebreakers, and exercises to build strong bonds among team members. It’s a fantastic way to bring your team together, encourage teamwork, and help everyone get to know each other better.

Scavenger Hunt

Want to make your team event super fun? Try a scavenger hunt! It’s not just about finding stuff—it’s a teamwork adventure. Split into groups, chat, and help each other out. No more awkward intros—just natural talks and real connections. 

Pick a theme, add cool tasks like silly selfies, and see the fun unfold. It’s not just a game; it’s a way to make your team bond and have a blast. So, get ready for a scavenger hunt showdown that will leave everyone smiling.

Desert Island

Desert Island sparks team connections. Pick 3 items for survival, like a favorite book or music. It’s a quick 10-minute game that goes beyond work. Shared passions reveal common ground and ignite team spirit. It’s not just a game; it’s a way to build bonds that last.

That’s My Line

Unleash your inner film detective with “That’s My Line”! In this movie lover’s showdown, teams guess iconic lines or hidden gems. Draw lines, shout answers, and relive cinematic moments. In just 20 minutes, you’ll bond over shared movie memories. Lights, camera, team spirit. 

Craft a Stellar New Hire Mixer

Hosting an office mixer for new hires is more than just a party. It’s about making them feel welcome, valued, and connected to their new work family and company vibe. By following these tips, selecting a fitting theme, and encouraging real interactions, you can transform your mixer into an occasion filled with laughter, strong connections, and a promising future for your whole team.

Say goodbye to awkward moments and welcome the strength of connection – your next mixer is on the horizon.

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